Thursday 9 July 2015

Off to find my snood but we found so much more

As I dropped my snood while on the walk the other day, I decided to head that way again to check out the other areas and to see if I could find my missing snood. We arrived at the area and I quickly found it by a kissing gate then we headed over to where we saw the Foxes hunting in the sun the other day.
While heading over I spotted something fly out from some logs near some Rabbit holes. I quickly realized it was a Little Owl and luckily it landed in a nearby tree where there were lots of hollow branches. I am thinking the Little Owl may be nesting in the tree so I will be checking the area a couple of times a week. I managed to get a few photographs before it disappeared into a hedgerow on private farmland.
Hiding in the tree you can just about see him
He seemed to be watching us as on the way back we saw him watching us from a different tree
As the woodland was quite well barbed off I could not access but I spotted a Fox skull within my reach so i got the skull and hopefully I can find a way into the woodland another time to see what lives there and makes sure there no suspicious activity as I think I could see a Badger sett through the trees surrounded by Bluebells.
I also saw a Jackdaw go into the Owl Box so there won't be any Barn Owls nesting in the area but I'm hoping they may hunt here due to the habitat being perfect for them due to the grassy plains and hedgerows all around. A very successful afternoon finding another Bird species I've been after plus another item for my Nature collection.

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Stay wild, be happy and be safe

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