Friday 17 July 2015

River Birdbox and the first Badger off the year

On my way to see if the Badger cubs were emerging from there sett I decided on checking on one of my nearby bird boxes. This bird box is in a tree next to a river and on this particular day had a look inside and I was pleased to find 8 Great tit eggs in the box. I will be keeping an eye on this box as it's in a nice quiet spot near to where I am trying to film Otters plus it has a nice sandy river bank to lie on in the sun.
After leaving the peaceful river bank to head into the even quieter location of a woodland where I visited for years as the Badgers there no me and my scent very well and each year I like to meet the cubs. The evening was perfect as there was no wind, it was warm and very sunny so plenty of light left and as I arrived I felt in my gut that the night would deliver. Within 5 minutes out came one Badger to feed on a small amount of treats I placed on the edge of the sett. Once the treats had gone the Badger started to forage and have an itch and a scratch as the mossies flew around him/her.
As I was up a tree with my camera it was very difficult getting the camera out for starters then focusing was tricky but well worth it to get my first 2015 photograph of my lovely Brock wood cubs.
 Hopefully this was the first of many lovely warm evenings with my Badger clan and a few days later I got my best surprise of the year so far as you can see below with this photo teaser.
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Stay wild, be happy and be safe

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