Friday, 3 April 2015

Return to the Weasel woodland

Last year I was visiting one of my local woodlands and I ended up finding a Weasel den. I knew it was as the entrance was bordered with lots of poo, prey remains. After a few months of watching the area around the hole I found a young dead weasel. I think the weasel remains were being removed by the adults to stop predators being attracted by the body. I never actually filmed or photographed the Weasels as the woodland is a good hours walk along the canal. I checked the hole a few weeks ago and found that the hole entrance into the base of a tree had been made smaller possibly by the Weasels to keep anything larger than them from getting in or another animal using. I am hoping they have returned and will be using the hole to raise this years family so I will be checking to see if there is any fresh poo or prey remains. 
If they do I will be setting up nearby and creating a little photography area with some logs to get some cleaner shots.
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