Monday 3 December 2012

Otter project gets going but a Mink project also begins

As my Otter holt project has been delayed for many year I am now pleased to say it's nearly complete and by next Tuesday it should be finished but when working at another site I spotted a bolt mink just staring bothered and almost curious about this human in it's element and as the amount of water birds has decreased I am thinking this Mink maybe the cause. So unfortunately I have decided as the mink kill so many water birds in the area and really damaging the kingfisher population here I have decided to do what must be done. I have been putting off killing any mink, so me and a local farmer are starting a Mink trapping project to try and decrease the population and as his farmland runs along a river and canal it seems the perfect location to begin working on a Mink removal project. I will be catching the Mink in a trap with an Otter guard then taking to the farmer for him to deal with in respectful and fast way without causing the animal any extra stress and hopefully by spring the local wildlife will have time to recover and begin to come back to the area.

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