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2 Weeks of Dolphins sightings from my Holiday in June 2014

Been putting this blog post on the back burner as I have so much to post about from my 2 weeks of Dolphin sightings on the North Wales coast as every day we were there we had sightings of Bottlenose Dolphins and one evening I had an encounter that I have always wanted.
View of the bay where we looked for Dolphins
Each morning at sunrise and before sunset in the evenings we would head to a vantage point over the sea where we would be able to see any Dolphins breaching the waters surface and we chose a lovely spot not far from the Cottage where we could see a large area of the coast then when we spotted a Dolphin we could run down a hill nearer to get right next to the sea to get a better view and hopefully photographs. 
One evening we used this technique and ended up spotting a family group of 10 Bottlenose Dolphins including calfs they came from the offshore Wind farm and started heading closer to the Little Orme allowing for some great views of individuals jumping up out of the water. Below is a few photographs that I managed to get as I ended watching the Dolphins instead of photographing them as the light began to fade as the sunset giving a orange glow over the sea and the Dolphins fins as they came right infront of us and headed around the Little Orme past Angel bay and into Llandudno bay and off around the Great Orme.
Most of the sightings we had were near the red line and pretty much used the same route while playing and feeding
A few of the best photographs I took from my evening encounter

Closest photograph I have ever got of a Bottlenose Dolphin from land on the North Wales coast

Photographs taken over the 2 weeks of other encounters with the pod
One afternoon we saw a pod of 5 Adults moving fast out to sea with calf's and they were being chased by 3 others which I think were males and after this sighting  we got no more encounters and as it was the end of the week I was not to bothered about not seeing them one last time before we left as that one sunset encounter was my best encounter with wildlife that I have ever had.
A few shots from the Little Orme as we headed back down to the cottage as the sunset over Llandudno bay
 My brother in silhouette photographing the sunset
I return to N.Wales for a week in September so hopefully a few more Dolphin encounters and a chance for me to use my Easy breath mask in the sea that's if the weathers still warm but with the Autumn taking hold early this year due to an early Spring/Summer we shall have to wait and see.

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