Sunday 16 March 2014

Spring is in full flow and there's plenty to film & photograph!!!

At last the bee's are buzzing the birds are nesting and I am out trying to find wildlife to film and photograph and as there is more light in the day I have plenty of time to get out and about. So here's a update on the lake Flash and snow are getting busy as well as building there nest.
Photographs below were taken by my brother Ryan
Swan Love
The Grebes have returned and have built a nest at the far side of the lake but as I have not had time to kayak there this week so there maybe more. Hopefully I will have time to kayak this week to get some photographs and plan some camera angles for filming the nests in the Spring months.
 Spring is in full flow now with the smell of wild Garlic and emerald green shoots rising from the ground along the banks of the canals & Rivers. The river levels are dropping as there are stone islands being left and these are grate places to see fish eating birds and even Otters eating a fish but they mainly use as sprainting points (territory markers).
"In the summer I love to get my waders on and lie back on these rocky beaches and listen to the flow of the water and Kingfishers flying over me"
On one of the local ponds last year a Gypsy Horse died and the body was left by it's owners and over the Winter it has rotted away leaving a skeleton in its place. It reminded me of a Zebra on the African savannah left for scavengers to feed on but they have Hyenas and Vultures and we have Foxes and Buzzards.
 Tomorrow I will be exploring closer to home with a garden bird we all love and a bird I enjoy listening to at the end and the start of the day.
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