Tuesday 25 March 2014

Robin's nest in my garden

Over the years we have had many birds nesting in our garden but none of the young have ever made it to fledgling due to mice, magpies and cats predating the eggs/chicks. This year we have a Robin nesting in an over grown area of Ivy next to my garden office where I sometimes work on my projects. I am hoping this time the Robin will have chicks that will survive till fledgling as it will be a great opportunity to get some great photographs using live meal worms.
The over grown patch of Ivy next to my garden office and the box is almost invisible
The open fronted box in the Ivy outside my bedroom window
Night time view of the nest on my TV so I can now watch the camera in bed
Day time view
5 Little eggs being incubated in a patch of Ivy on an open fronted box right outside my bedroom window.
I am not recording footage 100% of the time but once the eggs are due to hatch I may record a few clips for my archives and post on the blog if I manage to get anything interesting. Hopefully a few more posts over the next few days if I get chance :-) as things are getting busy!!
Below is a few photographs of a ringed tame Robin that used to land on my foot and tap on my window for food.
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