Sunday 2 March 2014

Quick blog-Night out Kayaping(Kayaking+Camping)

This weekend I Slept on the lake in my kayak the whole night and I was prepared as I had many layers of clothes and 2 sleeping bags and 1 umbrella luckily as it chucked it down most of the night and my feet were out in the rain they got a little wet but that's why I wore wellies. 
  The Stars were visible for a few hours combined with the calls of Tawnys and ducks plus Flash and Snow calling between themselves. At about 11pm it began to rain and the rain drops on the umbrella were very soothing yet loud but this did not dampen my spirits as I think I heard a few Otter whistles around me but whether that was me dreaming or there really was an Otter swimming past my feet but that's something I will never know. I had a few hours sleep and most of my gear was soaked but luckily I left my DSLR at home. After packing up I set off home passing the Lone Grebe across the lake I check on the large carp carcass which had gone so 100% Otters are feeding there as a Fox would struggle in the deep waters of the lake. 
One last little encounter made being a little wet worth-wild passing a farmers field as I paddled by a Fox on the nearby bank just stopped and starred at me for a minute I think he thought I was a type of Goose or duck but the realized I was too big so he slowly trotted off probably back to his Vixen in a den in a nearby wood where hopefully she has cubs and over the next few months this area and Fox are a priority.

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