Saturday 5 March 2011

Filming at North Wales PT 1

 After arriving on Sunday at the cottage which was at the top of a hill overlooking farmland and the sea with some great mountains in the background. We decided to unpack and head straight down to Angel bay on the little orme to see what was around and we were greated by the sounds of Grey seals on the beach there were about 18 adults and 3 pups which were playing in the shallows which was great to film aswell as the larger adults joined in to have a few playful fights for a place on the shore. One of the Seals seemed to have been injured but I don't know if it was from a fight with another seal or was injured by jet skis but they are very hardy creatures with there thick skins and layers of fat.
We were informed that the keepers at welsh mountain zoo take in injured young common and grey seals and release them at angel bay and now they are begining to breed there and are building up quite a colony and after filming them for the week you start to notice each individual Seals markings and there characters begin to show and its great to see them doing so well on this part of North wales.
While we were filming the Grey seals we met some great people who live in the area so if your reading this then you know who you are and I would like to thankyou for the information you gave us and I cannot wait to get back down there in April.

- Coming tomorrow - 
Porpoises, Choughs, Ravens and some great close-ups of wading birds.

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