Sunday 17 November 2013

Thoughts of the sea my past & future

Usually I don't go to Wales in the winter due to the work commitments I have but hopefully this year in December I can get there for a few days before the Christmas rush gets going and I am snowed under with work. It a couple of days off so whether I do any photography, relax or just enjoy the sea air I am hoping it will be the trip I need to get things in my head sorted as I want 2014 to be a special year where I push myself to my limits but as to what those challenges are yet to be decided.

 One things for sure that when I kayak next year I want to get as much time filming on the sea bird cliffs and the one's I visit have really not been filmed much and it seems like a place where there are many stories going on within the secret sea bird colony of Razorbill bay. In 2013 my body was pushed to exhaustion after kayaking back to shore with my kayak packed with filming gear against an incoming tide. It was thrilling yet scary but as you can see from my shots below it was worth it.
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  1. Brilliant pictures, the third one down is my favourite. From Findlay

  2. Cheers Findlay, I am glad you like.