Tuesday 15 October 2013

Back blogging for a while

After a few weeks off blogging I have decided on returning to posting as the nights are slowly drawing in and as now I have a little boat where I can relax and write my blogs with no thought of business or stresses of life. So as I write this the wind is howling and the rain drops are tapping on the cabin window while I am cosy and dry in my little boat reminiscing about my past projects and the ones to come over the rest of the year.
So where to start as no blogs for a while has built up quite a backlog of encounters, projects and trips but I guess I shall start with a encounter that happened in the summer months when a group of 30-40 Bottlenose dolphins came across Llandudno bay and swam just below us alongside the rocky outcrops of the great orme. It was an amazing site to see and something which I have dreamed of seeing and as it wast sunrise it was stunning view of them frolicking in the waves alongside Llandudno pier. 
I will post more about there movements and why I think they were there tomorrow.



Coming soon the Deer rut and Swans eat apples from our hands?!?!

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