Wednesday 26 June 2013

Kestrels on the Ormes at Llandudno

One of the main birds we saw hunting around the Ormes were the Kestrels and it was really nice to watch them hunting just off the marine drive with the sea as there backdrop using the updraft from the sea to hover along the cliff edges while hunting.
 I had to lay on the floor to get this shot as it hovered right above me
A model plane flew into view so I thought it would make an interesting shot but the Kestrel never looked my way as you can see below but still a great sighting especially on the Orme and as there numbers seem to be struggling and now you can report your Kestrel sightings on the link here
At the beginning of the year I spotted a Kestrel nest on the Ormes but they were not there so I assumed the chicks either fledged or the female Kestrel was just roosting there overnight but at least I got the photograph the Kestrel in hole in the cliff edge.
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