Saturday 11 May 2013

Abit of work on filming positions on the nests

Yesterday I worked on the filming position for filming the 2 best nests on the duck island which is the Grebes nest (Blue Circle) and the Alpha Goose pair (Orange circle). As you can see they are neighbors so the tree is perfect for get a multitude of high and low shots of both nests all I need to do is make the 2 main filming positions I can spend the most amount of time with a clear shot of the main nets. When the weather warms up the Red ant colony on the island covers the tree and ground so I have a short window before they get bighty and take over the duck island but 
I may have to grin and bear it o get the shots of the eggs hatching in both nets.
View of the Grebe nest from tree
 I may have to keep cutting the reeds on this side to keep clear for filming which does not disturb them and the reeds I cut are used by the Grebes to bulk up there nest in case the water level raises which is an interesting twist to there story.
Abit of camouflage and a pole - Job done
With the Goose nest I just placed a log for a seat under the tree with abit more camouflage to keep me hidden from the main part of the lake but as you can see below the Goose is less nervous and lets me lie on the floor where the reds ants are for some low shots of the nest.
 I also popped by to see Snow on her nest but she seemed to comfy to move for any Oats which Flash ended up eating instead. As the reeds are growing fast I removed the screen and camera from the nest area as there no longer needed as I can film from my kayak tied up on tree next to the nest.
Relaxed Snow incubating here eggs and I still do not know how many eggs there is
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  1. Alot when it's really warm and If I leave my gear on the island they get everywhere and then when I put bag in my boat they crawl all over and bite.