Wednesday 24 April 2013

Nest filming - Number 1 Canada Goose nest

After returning from North Wales and having a few days off work I decided on focusing on a few nests on my local lake that had suddenly appeared after being away for a week. There were a few nests on the lake within a 10m by 10m area the following nests were found Mute Swans, Coot, Great crested grebe and a Canada Goose nest which shall be my first nest to figure out how to film without disturbing the birds. 
As the Goose nest was on the duck island I had an idea to remove a few dead reed stalks to allow me to have a clear view from a close filming position but as the island gets very uncomfortable as there is a colony of red ants that get abit bitty in the summer months. It will be a setup the camera job and jump back in the kayak to avoid them while the cameras filming. 
Filming position

Unbothered by me kayaking past the nest
Variety of shots from camera position

The Gooses eggs in the nest which I can film down on from the top of the tree especially when the eggs hatch
The Goose gets hissy if I get to close but does not attack and now I have a filming position I will stick to it and allow the birds to carry on there breeding season.
 One of the shots I got from a close up camera at sunrise is below but as the Goose see's me as no threat when I kayak close to place a camera on her I was amazed with the results.
Time-lapse footage of the nest at sunrise
Hopefully I can get the Grebe in the same position from the tree hide and the ©Gofloat
I am worried about this nest as it's close to Flash and when I was filming the Grebe nest I filmed him chasing the Goose off the nest and he got very close to the nest.
Update to follow with abit of footage filmed on a few different cameras and techniques.
To the right of the Goose nest is the Grebes which is a 4-5 metres away and hopefully I can get shots where both nests are in the same camera view.
Here's a screen capture of what I filmed on the Gopro camera using a piece of kit I made which I am calling the ©Gofloat
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Tomorrow- Dipper filming idea and underwater Swans take 2

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