Tuesday 23 April 2013

Foxes on the prom at last

For many of my trips to N.Wales I have set myself the task of filming coastal urban foxes that feed and socialize with each other on the sea front and last week we got lucky with finding a Family to film. 
Blue sky Orme
Sea bird cliffs
Rest and be thankful cafe- we had it to ourselves and the silence was amazing
While walking around the great orme on at sunset we saw a few Long eared bets flying under one of the street lights that lit up the path with an orange glow right next to a beach and the sea which is an amazing sight. But as we approached the prom we saw this fella coming down from the orme with a few others about maybe 4-5 a family group and they have been there for a while I am guessing as they were very confident.
I have abit of dark footage as my D7000 struggled in the low light so it's not very sharp but hopefully in June expect some daylight footage in the early sunny summer mornings of these Foxy holiday makers and maybe there cubs that come out when all the tourists have gone home to have a night by the seaside.

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Tomorrow- Nest 1 The Canada Goose

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