Sunday 31 March 2013

Bank holiday birding in the early hours

 As I don't work weekends I tend to get up early for either a Kayak on the lake or go for a ramble in the countryside with my camera and this weekend the outings were fantastic. From the scenery to the birds everything was stunning and active on Saturday and Sunday mornings plus alot of bright sunlight which always brings out the wildlife at 5.45am.
A few from Saturday morning on the rivers, canals and down country lanes
 I finally got a record shot of a pair of Shelducks on the lake and as soon as there saw me they flew off probably just roosting there rather than nesting.
On Sunday I checked out the Grebes nest and it looks like a better choice as this time its off the main lake sheltered in the reed beds so if the water rises the nest should as well. The last one failed due to being in a unsettled location where the wind would build up a wave across the lake washing away any nests out on the open water.
 On Sunday I visited Snow and she was safe on her nest so I put on my waders and put in a reed bed screen to keep there nest safe and out of sight till the reeds grow over and give them some thick cover to Snow and her clutch safe until hatching. 
She seemed like she was comfy on her nest and had no intention of moving so I left some oats in the shallow water nearby so she would not have to go far to feed as leaving her eggs for to long in this weather would surely have a negative effect on all there hard work.
I left her in peace after 5 minutes just to make sure the screen did not effect her and as I left in came flash to her side after he cleared the lake of the Canada Geese hoard.
Tomorrow I will be posting about the return of my local Little Owls

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  1. Great photo's Poet! Loving the Grebe and Little Owl.

  2. Thank you ;-) I was quite pleased and nice memories to go with them.