Thursday 7 February 2013

New filming idea for the Go pro camera

As I have not done a post for a while so here is a little something I have been working on for when I kayak for filming sea birds/seals under & on the sea from my kayak or for filming water birds and nests and hopefully I may get to test this week so expect some test footage in the next few days before I head off to N.Wales for a week of wildlife photography and filming.  
Hopefully I will have some exciting news very soon in my future posts 
as well as plans for my upcoming North Wales trip.
 The float will be used with the go-pro camera in it's underwater case and as the camera can be watched and activated via an ipad/iPhone. Normally you lose the WiFi signal underwater after a certain depth but luckily the float keeps the camera at the maximum depth so I can float the camera behind me to watch & record any cheeky seals that are curios and swim behind my kayak and pop up when I look around at them so this should film them under & above the water which is really exciting if it works.
The float will have 3 ropes so there's no fear of losing see trolling diagram below:
 Thank you for reading


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