Sunday 15 July 2012

New hide progress and a rare sighting

Unfortunately I have to post a blog not about my trip to N.Wales as I have been working on a new hide in some reed beds and during building I wanted to see what visits the area when I leave. So I decided to place a camera trap I am testing on the build to see what visitors are passing through. I collected this morning after a few days of leaving the camera hidden in the reeds I was surprised to see 70 clips from nothing at night recorded to clips where the wind set off the camera trap but then about 10 clips I had recorded a Water rail and a chick feeding and cleaning right in front of the camera. But the chick was very intrigued by the camera as you can see in the video below.
Adult calling to the chick to say its safe to come out of the reeds into the clearing
I knew they were there and only seen a chick once but to record them right where I had been working a few hours before a shy bird that is rarely seen emerging from the reed beds due to its nervous nature is a fantastic thing and has raised the bar for me to film and watch in real time so I will update as and when I capture anything at the site.

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Back to holiday blogs tomorrow if I have time.


  1. Hi there - what an interesting bird Water Rails are. I had a good run of seeing them at Leighton Moss just before I moved to Australia. But that was back in the days of film - so no pictures. And the noises the make are even stranger!

    Cheers - Stewart M

  2. Hi

    Never seen one before let alone film one, so I was very pleased.