Sunday 29 April 2012

Robin nest update

So as I am half way through my five nests I thought an update on the Robins would be a good idea and as you can see the we have 5 little chicks filling up the nest and the parents are actively feeding and they enter the work shop under the doors which is amusing to watch as they walk under with a beak full of food.
I thought it would look nice to add my little nature series title to the photograph and as it was taken on my Iphone I was very pleased with it.
Due to all this rain we have had today we left a few dried meal worms under the nest to help them as its been raining for 24hrs straight so I am guessing finding insects may have been tricky.
Here's a little preview video of the chicks and them being fed the adults hopefully more to come as the chicks grow including time lapse, night vision filming as well as fledging.
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