Saturday, 7 April 2012

Hare raising finds!!!!!!!!!

On my way to out into the countryside I have been finding dead Hares on public areas of land which I don't understand as who has the wright to kill wildlife on public land, I understand why they are killed on farmland due to the damage that they can cause to crops and the grass that the cattle feed on. I have found 2 in 3 days and I am not sure whether they were shot or set on by dogs which is the worse of the 2 I have only just found an area nearby where I could film them but now its been disrupted by these mindless fools that are killing Hares and just throwing the body's at the edges of the field which is a waste of life.
The images below may cause upset but they show whats going on in our countryside and what is happening to alot of the wildlife on my local patch as well as other areas around Cheshire I'm sure and something needs to be done to protect our wildlife so I am working on a few projects that hopefully will cut off a few areas where people meaning to commit wildlife crimes cannot access or will think twice when entering the areas.

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