Wednesday 1 February 2012

Bad news for the river bank Foxes

As it was a sunny, blue sky afternoon and there was chill in the air I decided on not sitting still today and having a long walk around my local patch to see what was around. From Brock woods and the pond I saw many Bullfinches around the new feeding station. In Brock wood I think a saw a Red Partridge fly up as we left the area I also checked on the Bluebell bulbs we planted at the Badger and they are beginning to grow and with the extra activity at the new sett things are looking good as the area used to be a Rabbit warren and has now been taken over by the Badgers with the small rabbit holes getting larger by the day.
I decided upon checking the river banks to see if my local Foxes were enjoying the sun and I spotted this individual that had alot of damage around the eyes and the wounds looked fresh at first I thought the Fox was dead but as we got closer the Vixen looked up and noticed our presence but did not seemed to bothered so I got some footage and photos of her. 

Then I decided on seeing if she could hear me so I whistled and she reacted and sat up then headed up the hill very slowly. I also noticed a few scratch marks on her back leg that could have been done by a Dog, Badger or as its the breeding season possibly another Fox entering the river foxes territory. I will keep an eye on the area over the next week to see if the Fox is still around and maybe leave some scraps nearby to see if she has survived her injuries and maybe get a closer look so I will be getting out my Guillie suit for this task.
Her back leg has 4 claw marks on it but hopefully the injurys on her eyes look worser than they actually are other than those injurys she is in pretty good health so only time will tell.
-Footage will be shown in the next blog post-

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  1. She looks a sorry sight Mike..good luck to her.

  2. A sorry sight, indeed.

    With continued thanks for your blog, which I read frequently.

  3. Thank you both I am hoping she survived as saw Fox prints in the snow on her trail that she normally walks so hopefully shes survived.