Saturday 17 December 2011

A well earned rest - A trip down to Wales on a winters day PT 2 of 2

As we walked around the Little Orme with a strong cold wind blowing into us and as we were on the edge of a cliff we soon hurried along due to the drop below us. I had a quick look in the area where we thought the Foxes den was located but unfortunately there was no sign of Foxes or a den and there was still thick bramble so I am guessing its hidden away and as I did not have my thick thorn proof trousers on I could push in any further hopefully i can revisit in January or when I go to film there for a week in February as there are a few migrant birds I want to film.
The two main birds are Snow Buntings and Short eared owls which have returned to North Wales this year and a fellow wildlife photographer has kindly told me of the place where he has photographed them recently so if I can get down there soon it would be a first for me but I cannot reveal the location due to the dangers to these beautiful birds and as they hunt in the day they are really venerable to human dangers which has happened before in the North Wales area and I would not want to put them in any danger.
Photograph taken by Ashley Cohen
See more of his photographs on Flickr at iBirder Photography
On the way back I went to check up on a Gannet carcass that me and my brother found on a beach and buried so that we could collect in 2012 and hopefully the feathers and flesh will rot away and the bones will be left so fingers crossed we will have a full gannet skeleton including that fantastic beak they have that enables them to dive with such speed and accuracy for fish out at sea.
I was sad to leave North Wales and return home but as the sun went down on the beach I knew it would not belong before I return to North Wales in 2012 and my filming weeks there would begin in a few months so I can begin booking cottages and making plans of kit, locations and what new experience I want to have there and in 2012 its sea kayaking so yesterday I treated myself to a new Kayak which I will post about on my next blog.
Merry Christmas and thanks for reading

Mike Mottram

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