Monday 31 October 2011

First post for a while - Autumn is a busy time of year!!!

 Over the past few works I have been out doing lots of things wildlife related and by the time I have come in I have been to tired to sit at the PC and write a decent blog and after having a bad foot for 2 weeks I have still continued with being out filming it has really made things tough but after a few changes to my back pack weight I think I am getting back to normal and nearly 100% back to full health so I will begin with a quick post about the mystery of the woodland bird table raider!!!!.
At my Tawny glade hide something or someone had been turning the table upside down so to catch this night time raider I set a trap and below is the guilty part and I must say I was rather excited it was a something rather than a someone otherwise my work and conservation would have been for nothing so now I will try and film the whole clan of Badgers visiting the Hide and next time I will get the hide and bird feeders in shot but they cannot get inside due to my Badger proofing that I will blog about in the future.
In the video below watch how the Badger gets to the food on top of the table
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