Thursday 13 October 2011

A few forgotten photographs/memories-Pc clear up

I began the long task of clearing up my PC desktop today and I decided to start with the photographs by deleting the duplicate and rubbish images then I began backing up the best on my Seagate hard drive and below I posted a few of the best I forgot about and the photo bring back great memories and I was glad to find them.

Me filming the Badgers on the first attempt at Brock wood on a warm summers afternoon.
Early evening filming with a camera trap and the Badgers began changing the camera angle.
One day this Badger popped up to check for danger and I managed to film before it disappeared back down into the sett.
A beautiful Butterfly on a summers day in a wild flower meadow.

An early morning sunrise I captured when I went kayaking on the flashes a great way to start the day.
A few quick snaps of the Blue tits at my hide feeding station captured in flight with all wing feathers exposed I really love them as they remind me of the Matrix due to the slow motion feel in the wing capture.

There are lots more photos to sort  not forgetting the videos to sort through so if I find anymore media I forgot about or a favourite moment that I captured then I will post about them sometime in the future.

Thanks for reading