Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Update on filming on the river tree - Good signs after a few nights

Following on from the previous post I had a few nights filming in the area overnight and below is a preview of the camera view in the day and as you can hear in the background the river runs right under the log giving a great relaxing feeling there was always new spraint whether Otter or Mink I am unsure but it could be both possibly after watching the clips after each night.
On the first night I did not expect anything but I captured a Otters tail disappearing off the screen either the Otter was moving very fast or did not enter the trigger spot I was a little disappointed with the view but it was video evidence of an Otter in the perfect place on a wild Cheshire river which was a great boost for me and as the area is close to where a live its easy to get back and forward for a few hours filming in the night fingers crossed the Otter will be back to the tree and I will get some better footage.
On the second night my suspicions of Mink also using the log for scent marking to be confirmed and I also believe its being used as a feeding area by the Otter, Mink and Kingfishers due to a pool of river being blocked off by a dam of branches and logs where there are lots of small fish.
I will be back filming the river at the weekend as well as going on the hunt to film foxes as they return from urban housing estates to the safety of the countryside so it means a few early mornings as long as the weathers good.

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