Saturday 20 August 2011

Discovery on a fallen tree by the river and a plan for Otter filming this week

Today we headed to the river for a checkup on signs of Otters and as theres abit of a chill in the air and all the plants are getting a little brown, seeds and fruits are getting ripe but soon the river plants will be dying back and once Autumn and winter returns I will be back on the trail of filming the Otters so today was a day of river walking and many Otter footprints were found and on a very quiet part of the river with low water level and a great area of stones to set up a filming area the spot is easily accessible via a garden so I will have to get permission from the owners to do some nightime filming from the area and the best thing is that it takes 2-3 minutes to get to the Otter filming spot.
Another area I found was a collapsed tree which will make a filming spot and only accessible through deep water and it would be on with the waders and all my kit in an inflatable dinghy but they were plenty of droppings of varying sizes and colours so I am unsure of what left them either Mink, Otter or Polecat or maybe another mustelid as all have been either seen nearby or signs of them found very close to the area discovered. I will be doing a few nights of filming down by the river before the nights get to cold this week so I will post if I get anything on my Handycam as long as I don't fall a sleep it should be an interesting few nights and a first time experience being down by the river for a whole night but I can't wait I may need to get out a winter wear just in case it gets abit chilly.

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