Tuesday, 16 August 2011

A few photographs from Fox filming on the Little orme in July

As I only just realised that I had not posted any video or photographs from my last trip to North Wales and filming the foxes of the Little orme at Llandudno in North Wales. We spent many hours in the pop up hide we took with us through wind and rain we waited and in the end this teen fox came out to feed on the Beef in gravy dog food and it was great to get so close to this very shy fox family and hopefully we will film them again in September when we return for a week and then catchup with the same Foxes over the spring in 2012 and get close-up to the cubs by finding the den once the plants and brambles die back over the winter.
 It was fascinating as the Foxes were using the Magpies as a safety alert as they would only come out once the Magpies landed which was great for tracking them as where the magpies were so were the foxes.
I am saving the footage as it came out so perfect and I was so pleased with it and was amazing but it will be in episode 2 of DOACWW when we tell the story of the wildlife of the Ormes including this coastal fox family that live on the edge of a cliff but as that's a long way off  from completion due to only being able to get down there for 7 weeks a year and odd days  I thought I would post the photographs above as abit of a tease.
 Below is a video of the teen cub after dark checking out my camera which was placed in some bushes about 500 metres from the sea which still amazes me now that I could leave my camera trap on the little orme unlocked and get such great footage and it still be there in the morning.

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