Sunday 31 July 2011

A surprise on the canal-Flamingo at the flashes!!!!!

On Saturday me and my brother Ryan were going to check for signs of Otters down by the river when we were distracted by a large white bird across the flashes at about 7pm just as the sun was shining down on the water and luckily there was no wind and good light where the bird was located I just wish I had my kayak with me. the bird was about the same size as a heron but the legs were bright pink so after zooming in with my camcorder I realised it was a Flamingo and it took me a few minutes of checking that it was definitely  a Flamingo not another large bird being affected by the bright sunlight and after getting closer it was obvious that it was a Flamingo and after taking a few photographs I wanted to film so I would have enough evidence to show what we had seen as I thought nobody would believe that we had seen a Flamingo on the canal feeding like it would be if it had been in the wilds of Africa.
After 10mins of observing it the Flamingo flew off in the direction of Northwich possibly to the pools near Davenham where the habitat is similar and would suit its needs.
Here's a short video of the Lesser Flamingo I made from the footage I recorded after getting the photographs.
Hopefully my photographs will get into the local paper this Wednesday after sending to a reporter my brother met when photographing Waxwings last winter.

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