Sunday 31 July 2011

First post for a while - Taking a fellow wildlife filmer to Brock wood

 I am back finally, so sorry for the lack of posts I have been out and about filming and getting on with a few conservation projects that I have been meaning to do so I not had much time to get on the PC, i have lots to post about from getting closer to the Badgers at Brock wood to meeting a few fellow wildlife lovers, so i will begin with last weekend when I took a fellow wildlife blogger called Andrew from Northwich who lives a few miles away from me,  I took Andrew to film the Badgers at Brock wood and it was great finally to meet after following his blog for over a year and put a face to his blog called Rambles with a camera.  

Andrew got some great footage of the Badgers and I new I had made the wright decision showing Andrew the Brock wood sett as I new the location would be safe due to talking to him about various wildlife issues and filming wildlife and sharing information on places to visit in the local area from woodlands to reserves.
 One of the Badgers I took this photo at Brock wood the day before
 After 5 Min's Andrew filmed his Badger so I was very pleased for him and after 2 hours he had quite a few clips of the Badgers eating the food mix that they seem to like so much. You can see Andrews clips of the Badgers at hopefully we can meet up with Andrew again in the future at the Badger sett and show him a few more hidden gems that can be found around Middlewich and he can do the same with his local countryside in northwich.

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