Saturday 16 July 2011

Kayaking with Buzzards and garden camera trapping

I had nothing planned this afternoon but the weather was sunny and warm so I decided to go down to the river and kayak for a few hours to relax and soak up the ambience of the river but as I had not kayaked on this part of the river before it seemed like the perfect place for some on the water photography and after 10 minutes of being on the river I spotted this young Buzzard above me on a tree right next to the river calling to its parent that were soaring high on the thermals nearby.  I could hear other Buzzard youngsters in a woodland next to the river that must be still in the nest as the young Buzzard  that watched me sale below soon learned how to master its wings as it flew off into a high tree  boardering a farm about about a 100metres away so the others should follow shortly but its seems they have had another good breeding season and with the amount of Rabbits around I can see why.
After a long afternoons Kayaking up and down the river I decided to put the Bushnell Hd in my back garden and see if we had any night time visitors like Foxes or Hedgehogs coming from the cemetery next to my house into my garden for a feed but the only thing we was a few of the local cats and a Hedgehog which is good to see as I thought we had none coming into the garden lets hope it moves into the hedgehog house behind my garden office.

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  1. Great captures Mike...
    I received the latest copy of Bird Watching magazine this morning (August) and they have published one of my pictures (the one Ryan commented about on talkwidlife...
    Well chuffed!

  2. Well done Andrew but which photograph was in the mag.

  3. Page 119 Your Bird Pictures.
    Number 2 The Oystercatcher
    by Andrew!!