Monday, 7 March 2011

Inspired by Human planet

I have been watching Human planet on BBC one and I am fascinated by the ways they get the shots of the amazing environments where humans have adapted to living and it got me thinking of how I could get the same sought of shots using items from around my house and my kit box. So I picked 3 shots I wanted to get and drew some ideas and below is what I came up with. 

1. Filming from high in a tree canopy and coming down to the woodland floor.
This shot will give scale to the woodland or can be used as an area change from the wildlife on the ground to the wildlife in the trees or visa versa.

2. Filming through the woodland from high up down a stream.
This shot will give a great slow flight footage over a stream and will be footage from a birds eye view as it flys through the woodland.

 3. Filming floating down the river.
This shot will show the beauty of the river as it flows and meanders down giving a relaxing and peaceful piece of footage.
I will give them a go over the coming weeks and I will post the results on the blog.


  1. hi, sounds like you may be getting some great shots in the future good luck!
    Also good luck with that "project" you had in mind, I left a little comment there about funding,
    take care

  2. Thanks for the advice and its great to get feedback and that poject is hold due to being out filming so much.