Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Filming the Badgers from Brock wood after they leave the Sett!!!!!!!

Yesterday I took up an invite which I got last year to film some Badgers that feed in a friends garden every night and the garden turned out to be very close to Brock wood so they were the same Badger group that I have been filming over the past year so it will be great to film the Badgers away from there sett and follow there journey. 
The owners gave me some great information about Water voles, Hares and other wildlife that lives close to the garden but the sad bit of information I was given was that the past 2 years a new cub was born but unfortunately they were killed on the road so hopefully this year this can be avoided by me feeding the sett abit more so they have to leave the area less often. I have arranged to setup some cameras in the garden over the weekend to see what we can film and the great thing is the footage will be in colour as the owners have kindly put a light outside so the badgers will be used to it by the weekend.
I just hope theres not any rain as a stream next to there access route from the sett to the garden floods so they may not be able to get to there feeding areas.
I will post a camera set up map to show whats shots I hope to get. Once they get used to me I can use my Handycam and DSLR to get some close up footage as today I received my new secret weapon a Gillie suit.

-More on the Guillie suit next week-

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  1. cant wait to see results!! i am filming badgers in the easter holidays! btw when do baby badgers emerge? will the activity be good around easter time?

  2. Yes April, May are good months to see cubs as it gets dark later. Easter should be good.