Wednesday 23 February 2011

A relaxing walk in the woods and more signs of spring

 After a quiet day of checking the canal for fresh spraint I took a walk through the woods noticing that the area had suddenly become greener and as the sun broke through the cloud and shone through the bare tree canopy as it hit the brook creating a sparkle it was a beautiful scene that have not seen since the summer. I decided to put down my kit and just relax and soak up the ambiance of a woodland on the verge of change from dark and damp to green and full of life. I settled on one of the fallen trees and as I sat there for a good half an hour but I could have sat there all day and I saw many insects from Bees to Butterflies and Ladybirds coming out from there winter hideaways. Lets hope spring will really get into gear next week as I begin filming wild ormes of the north after checking the weather it looks promising.

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