Wednesday 1 December 2010

River Dane frozen!!!!!!!!! and a few wild encounters

  I wandered down to Brock wood today to throw down some peanuts by the badger sett due to the severe weather that we are experiencing at the minute and it was a struggle getting to the sett as the bank up to the area was covered in snow and underneath lay wet leaves so I fell down a few times but I managed to get up eventually and give the badgers a helping hand at this time of year I also spotted a Bullfinch which is not a bird I really see on my patch.
  After leaving Brock wood I set off to check out the River Dane and see what wildlife was about and I settled down by a river bridge where I have often found spraint which I found some fresh today but I cannot workout who it belongs to as I know Mink are in the area but there were no mink footprints just these larger footprints in the photograph below I think I will camera trap here very soon and fingers crossed I will get video of an otter on the river in Middlewich which I believe will be a first for my local area.
  I also stumbled onto this little Farm duck that was sitting on the ice that had formed on the edges of the river which as I discovered down river had frozen up alot which it has never done for over 16 years I have been visiting the Dane. I felt abit sorry for it so I shared my sandwich with it and in return I got a beautiful bit of slow motion footage of the duck having a drink and abit of a preen.

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