Thursday, 11 November 2010

Quick introduction to Mike Blake and my Badger camcorder kit set up 1 is complete!!!

On Facebook my name is Mike Blake so please if your confused I will address this for you my real name is Mike Mottram. I decided I would came up with a Pseudonym for my photography name and as a child I loved Roald Dahl books especially the drawings by Quentin Blake. As I loved to draw as a child and his work is still a favorite of mine that takes me back to my childhood memories. So that's where I got my name from for networking and to chat close friends through facebook which I only recently signed up for but I have not had much time to use yet. Back to today's main post and as I finished my Badger filming set up and all I need to do now is to test in the dark with the kit setup on a tripod in my garden to see if it will be successful as a nighttime filming setup.
After finishing the kit I went to test in an area where two fields are divided by a wooded gully where badgers have been filmed on my camera traps in the past the area which has a small stream that flows into the main river called the Weelock.

After 5 long hours one large adult badger showed up to take some of the chicken I baited the area with earlier in the night.
In this post I have included a few photos I took on bonfire night of the fire pit in my garden in full glow.

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