Saturday 18 September 2010

A quick walk around the Great orme

  Today was a beautiful, sunny and calm day so we set off at 5.45am to get the bus to Llandudno to explore abit more of  the great orme for when we stay next year for filming of the wildlife documentary  
The wild ormes of the north
In the area by the swan pool on the west shore they were juv Goldfinches and a few Twite I think that were feeding on Dandelion seeds.
Also on the west shore beach I saw lots of waders including Curlews feeding and they were very close normally when you see them on the beach they move straight out of the area and alarm call but in this area I managed to complete another challenge of mine that I have been struggling with over the past few years of filming a Curlew feeding and alarm calling plus I got a few photos from afar. Next year I plan to rent a Chalet that is right next to this area where the waders feed so I can put camera traps ,an underwater camera and even a new floating camera I have been working on to film the waders that feed on the private beach when the tide goes out.

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