Saturday 19 June 2010

Making a Kingfisher perch and photographing Bees

This weekend was perfect to get down to the river and set up a kingfisher perch made from river boulders and a sturdy branch. Hopefully I can set up my hide by it over the next week to get some great footage and photos of young Kingfishers after they have fledged there nests and are fed by the adults. I chose a spot where small fish are in high numbers and a place off the beaten path so nothing would disturb me or them. Another idea l have found works when sitting in a hide that works on Birds of prey, Waders and Kingfishers. You take somebody with you and get them to walk up and down river or the beach but missing out the area where you are in the hide this usually drives the birds close to where you are giving you the chance to get some great close up shots of very shy birds.
As I have not photographed any bees this year and realizing that there were 
plenty around as well as the light was perfect for photographing insects.



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