Tuesday 10 November 2020

Something for lockdown a little experiment...NOCMIG??

 While searching my social media for local sightings I came upon a new word in the birding and Nature field the word in question is Nocmig while before I go into this word I'll explain a what another word means. The first word is Vismig which is short for visible migration which refers to bird migration you can see where flocks or individual birds can be seen flying through the day on a journey coming from or going to a location from where they live usually we gets lots of migrants from Europe or even further. VISMIG is best oberved on the coast for rarer signtsings after they fly over the sea birds like to rest on headlands and beaches beforee moving off on there journeys. So thats vismig now NOCMIG which is the nocturnal migration of birds but you cant see the birds with the naked eye so the best way to findout what birds fly over during migration is to record at night there calls and I've posted a link to how it works below as they explain it better than me and I have not done this myself yet but it looks interesting as I live in a good spot in the centre of the country where the shortest journey is from the Irish sea across the country to europe or visa versa, the best thing is we have a flate root blocked from one side of a main road facing into an open sky the other side meaning any bird calls over the roof get projected down and should record clearly on my device well once I get one.

 Beginners guide


Dedicated recording website to help diferensiate bird calls


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