Sunday, 13 January 2019

Whooper "Loki" gets ringed and a Gull with mileage arrives

Looks like we are on our way into 2019 so fast and this is my last year before I start doing my alternative life in 2020. This year I need to work hard and save money where I can and that's where my wild camping comes in as it allows me to have a break while enjoying nature but saving money from not renting a cottage. I still have a few bugs to work out like cooking but I have an area in North Wales where I can camp and use as a base to rest and store my heavier gear when off exploring the mountains and the coast. The area is out of the way but defended from the worst of the weather as I used the area many times in 2018 so its tried and tested, therefore, a perfect place. Back to local Wildlife for this post. This week a local Swan ringer came out to ring our local Whooper Swan and the information that was found by the ringer was it was a male and his second year so we could have a full adult Whooper Swan with a full yellow beak and a lovely full Whoop calls but he quite noisy already so we have called him Loki as he seems to be very mischievous as he knocks the Mutes away from the food so lets hope he stays a little bit longer.
Close up at last as the sun shined
Spreading his wings but will he leave to return to his Summer breeding grounds...
We had another visitor this week and after checking it's leg code it was found that this Gull was ringed in 2018 at breeding grounds as a youngster in the Netherlands on a small uninhabited Dutch island called Griend in the Wadden Sea. Wow only in my imagination could I think about the things this bird has seen who knows it could have encountered on its amazing first trip away from its home it may even have encountered Whales in its 333mile trip!!!
My brother gave me his photographs and the information he received from different contacts he has.



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