Tuesday 24 November 2015

Foxes from summer 2015

After going through some of my unpublished blog posts I came upon one from the summer. High up in the Conwy mountains we enjoyed many long and warm sunny days watching a family of Foxes living on a ledge which looks out to the Irish sea. We watched them playing, sunbathing and hunting below is a few photographs I took of the family members coming and going.
In this photograph one of the Foxes watched us from below as we ended up sitting on the top of a hill so we could see the Foxes below and the sea behind us. This meant we could enjoy the sun, watch the Foxes and keep an eye out for Dolphins on the sea.
We did not see any Dolphins on our June trip but on our September trip while heading to a local shop with no cameras. We decided to take the scenic route up the Little Orme and down to Angel bay to see if we could have any wild encounters as well as soak up the sun and views I love so much. A few meters out we spotted 30+ Bottlenose Dolphin breaching which was an amazing site. Seeing a beautiful creature off our coasts means more to me than seeing them in tropical waters in other places where there more commonly found.

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