Friday 7 August 2015

Little baby Hedgehog in the cemetery

A few days ago I was walking back through my local cemetery at last light and I stumbled upon a baby Hedgehog next to a hedge. It looked in good condition and was calling for it's mother so I got a few photos/footage then placed the Hedgehog under a hedge a meter away where the nest is probably located, as there is no where else nearby where it could have been. I checked the roads surrounding the cemetery and saw no dead Hedgehogs around so I'm guessing it's mum is looking for food in the hedge but this little one must have tried to follow mum on her nightly feed. Sometimes you have to evaluate the situation and in this instance I felt the need to step and give the baby a chance to return to it's mum and other siblings. Hopefully she will hear her baby's calls and take it back to it's nest.
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