Wednesday 2 July 2014

Published article in Wild Travel Magazine :-)

Just a quick post today as I have a few orders going out to some very important customers. A few weeks ago I got asked to write an article on how to setup a Camera trap for July's issue and last week I received a copy of the Magazine and I a very happy how it turned out. As you can see I got a full page which is a first for me and hopefully I will be doing more work with the Magazine in the future if there interested as I really enjoyed writing the article. I struggle sometimes with putting pen to paper even writing these blogs, I make some mistakes then I end up seeing them after they have been posted weeks ago. I apologize if sometimes I miss out words or get mixed up with what I'm trying to write but with each published piece of work I feel delighted that I get that little bit closer to what I want to do which is to be self employed and earn a living purely through Wildlife watching.
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