Friday 18 July 2014

Corvids on the coast

While walking along the cliff side coastal paths on the Little Orme we noticed a few egg shells on the floor and they were various sizes and colors. I recognized a few of the shells from Guillimot eggs, Razorbill eggs, Kittiwakes, Fulmar plus a few smaller song bird eggs.
 There were plenty of Corvids around 60+ Jackdaws, family of Ravens and a few Magpies. The only culprit I photographed was a family of Ravens 2 adults and 3 fledglings flew around the Ormes. Hopefully the Ravens will move to the town when tourist numbers increase to feed on scraps left by the 100's of beach visitors that will soon be there. This should then give the Sea birds a chance of breeding successfully.
Lovely Llandudno from the top of the Little Orme
A Crow poses on a rock above the sea bird cliffs
Jackdaw on the same rock
This male Blackbird was busy feeding chicks so it looks like some of birds on the Orme are having success and it was nice to see a Blackbird nesting in a coastal habitat rather than in an area of woodland or my garden as they look slightly out of place on the cliff edges.
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