Tuesday 5 March 2013

Barn Owl spot at last on my local patch

Just got back from a nice encounter with a Barn owl while enjoying fish and chips at a local secret site as over the past few weeks we have seen twice and today the weather was perfect no wind, warm and a lovely bright orange sunset. 
As I turned around the Barn Owl was hunting behind me and as the mist fell I got a few photographs and found a spot where the Barn always goes to eat it's prey. The Barn owl got into a fight with a Buzzard and protected it's meal using it's wings then flew off into the countryside
On the next perfect evening I shall setup my kit near the Branch or a feeding post and film from my hide to try and get a closer view of my first regular Barn Owl hunting site.

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  1. yep going to put a chair hide near where it's sitting in the tree for some close up filming.