Monday 14 January 2013

Middlewich Mute Swan meeting spot

As Swans are on my brain at the minute I wanted to share a special place with you all and it's down on the canal of all places and every year at this time the Mute Swans gather to feed and pair up for life and when the weather becomes severe there is usually 40-50 Mute Swans come here at the minute there are about 20-30 up and down this part of the canal. They get a helping hand from locals who put seed down for them when the canal around them freezes.
Sunset at the Swan meeting spot and a few Mallards that feed on the left over bread and seed
 One of last year's Cygnets
 The Swans gather around us to see if we have any food for them
 Mute Swan close up as the sunsets on them
 Sitting out on the canal Towpath
 Face off with the bully of the group
 Regrowth of feathers on the Male Swans beak knob that I have never noticed before

And last but not least one of the most aggressive males with some feathers from one of the smaller Males that probably got too close to him.
A few signs of spring are showing with the group as birds are pairing off in search of a nest site and the males aggression will peak and any large water bird coming anywhere near them will be chased out of the area once a territory is chosen. Even my local pair today the female Snow was in search of a nest site as she has been spotted pulling out reed stalks out while being escorted by Flash so I am wondering will she pick a new site or use the same spot where Flash and Dawn raised last years Cygnets.

Only time will tell.....

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