Sunday 11 November 2012

The Waxwing invasion is beginning!!!!!!!

 It's that time of the year again and an alien invasion is progress in the form of the Waxwing's these punk rockers of the bird world travel from their breeding grounds in Scandinavia and western Siberia when they have bred in large numbers and the amount of food cannot feed the population so they come here to feed on our vast amounts of berries from rowan and hawthorn, but also cotoneaster and rose. In 2010 we had an influx of Waxwings all over the country and I managed to get a few photographs and footage of them on my local patch. 
But in 2011 there were only a few spotted and in 2012 it looks like they have arrived in big numbers on the North Wales coast with sightings of a 100 birds in some places from Industrial estates, supermarkets, retail parks due the types of trees that have been planted there. There is not as much fruit on the trees here as there was in 2011 so I don't think they will stick around for long even if they come this far inland so it's down to being at the right time and place unfortunately and the harsher the weather the more chance me seeing them locally.
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  1. Lets hope for some cold weather and keep the feeders full. FRom Findlay.

  2. Yes and apples on the ground or on garden canes are good for Waxwings. They have been seen at Tatton so there in the area!!!

  3. any chance of seeing some in the manchester area?

  4. Possibly there is a real good chance, keep an eye on any fruit trees.