Thursday 15 November 2012

Abit of good news!!!

Lots going on here at Cheshire wildlife watcher HQ at the minute with preparing the shop for the Christmas rush and working on a few winter projects from a bird feeding island, Kingfisher area and getting my kayak kit ready for the reopening of the canal. While all that's going on I have been approached by some publishers with regards to one of my photographs and I am pleased to say it has been selected to go in a new Nick Baker wildlife tracking book to be released in 2013 and the great thing is I get credit and a signed copy of the book and as it was one of my 2012 targets to get one of my images in a wildlife related book so it's a great feeling, the photo may only be of a Polecats droppings 
but a published image is a published image so I can't complain.
After hearing the news above and being delighted I was then emailed by Cheshire life magazine about using one of my and my brothers Autumnal images for there seasonal feature of photographs from Cheshire. It's my second time having a photograph in the magazine and it's great to keep being asked if they can use my images as the reason why I take photographs is so I can share with others.
My brother's photograph
My photograph
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