Thursday 26 April 2012

Nest 3 - On the water a very special find

 My 3rd nest for the week is a little different as its low down on water and as I have my kayak it lets me get a little closer than most people giving me an excellent pov of nesting water birds from filming them to photographing them.
It can be tricky as you don't want to get to close to avoid disturbing them but yesterday on my day off work I decided to try and get closer to a Great crested grebes nest and as I have never known them to breed here it was exciting to get see there floating nest up close and there was 2 eggs in the centre covered by weed and reeds. So I decided to use one of the floating nesting rafts as a camera position to film the Grebes returning to the nest and they did and my Sony mini dv captured some amazing footage.
                      Until I can fix my PC to upload footage I have posted a photo taken from the footage and clip of the footage filmed on my Iphone off my Sony handy cam.
Before I left the water I setup a UNIT camera trap on the nest on one of my kayaking mooring posts to see if I could capture any more footage of the Grebes in the day or at night.
As I left the water in my kayak a strong wind blew and it began to rain heavily it got me abit worried as my camera was about 20cm from the water surface so if there is too much heavy rain the water may rise and flood the nest or even submerge my camera trap but only time will tellmore updates to follow next Thursday on Grebe filming.

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