Tuesday 7 February 2012

A few images from Brock pond feeding station

A few hours in my hide today at a new feeding station I setup at Brock pond so I can watch the feeders the bird box and the pond all at once but the station is not finished yet as I need to add a few more feeders and make the area look more natural.
Below are the first visitors that came to the new feeders for a feed while the weather has been cold and below 0 but I will post more on the station in the future.
As I was passing my local Badger sett I dropped some bedding off for the Brock wood clan to get them by until the cold spell ends and by the looks of it there activity is slowly increasing with new dirt heaps.
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  1. Thank you Andrew I can't wait till you see the new spot for the Badgers and a few other things nearby bring on summer.