Friday 16 September 2011

A few new feeders at the Glade hide

I have finally finished the bird feeding station and below is a photograph of the view from the front of the hide with a bird table and various feeders on the side I have placed a peanut feeder and in a tree nearby I have made a Suet feeding log for woodpeckers and other birds to feed in safety and as the log was free it was easy to make using a drill with a special bit that makes larger holes and a hook to hang from and I filled the holes in with fat ball mashed up peanut butter and various seeds. I can't wait to see the birds feeding from the new feeder and it only took about 10 minutes to make.
I am hoping that the feeding station will provide me with a great place to film over the winter months with all my kit setup including lights multiples cameras to capture all the action from slow motion footage of the birds fighting over a place on the feeders to the various birds of prey that may visit and take the odd bird and as the Sparrowhawks nest nearby the male will be setting up territory soon ready for next years nesting season. 
Theres still alot to do but its great to see all the wildlife coming in bit by bit.

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